‘The Last Waltz’ Was 40 Years Ago Today

The End Of An Era, On Film

Today is the 40th anniversary of The Last Waltz, the final concert for the original members of the legendary rock group, The Band.

The Band had been together for close to two decades, and spent most of that time on the road. Band leader and guitarist Robbie Robertson had enough of that life style and also of babysitting his band mates who had major issues with drugs and alcohol. Robertson  put together one final memorable show. It included a Thanksgiving turkey dinner for 5000 concert goers and a list of guests performers which included Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and many other.


The concert was filmed by Martin Scorsese. It featured the music performances plus interviews that told the stories of The Band’s music, upbringing and lifestyle. It’s widely considered the greatest rock film ever made.

Many look back on that night as a transitional moment in American music, a final moment before the classic-rock era began to fade. The Band never toured again

Watch The Last Waltz in it’s entirety below.