Team Canada Reveals Tokyo Olympics Outfits

A take on the "Canadian Tuxedo"

Team Canada has revealed the outfits Olympians will wear at the closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The Team Canada Twitter account says that they’re a take on the “Canadian tuxedo” which is an all-denim look – jean jacket on top and jeans on the bottom.

The outfits/uniforms were designed by Hudson’s Bay and the American denim brand Levi’s. They’re tight, white jeans complete with a 1980s-styled blue-denim jacket emblazoned with graffiti.

The internet isn’t super happy about them:

This is the best response to the new outfits though:

The Tokyo Olympics are coming in less than 100 days – they were originally scheduled for last year but were postponed to this year due to the pandemic. But even still, are they going to be able to happen? Either way, I kind of like the outfits.

What are your thoughts?