Halloween Night!

The Scariest Night of the Year!

Halloween was always a magical time being a kid growing up.  We used to plan to get enough candy to last all the way to Christmas, but it generally only made it into the next few days.

Going out in your costume, learning you couldn’t breathe through those plastic masks they used to sell, or stepping on your costume’s tail all night to any other assortment of wardrobe malfunctions that would occur over the years as you made your rounds.

The cool part was always the different houses that you would approach with your friends.  Some people really got into the spirit of the night, with the adults of the house dressing up and scaring the kids as they approached.  Zombies or scarecrows would suddenly come to life yelling Happy Halloween!  Some would have a garage of horrors set up for you to step into if you dared.  Others were just kind of creepy without having to anything, and then there was that one house that was giving out the best treats in the neighborhood.  Word would spread quickly on the street, and multiple visits would be mandatory to stop in there each year.

At the end of the night, you’d bring home your stash for the parents to sort through to weed out any suspect looking items you might have brought back to the house, and the rest was yours for you to be whipped up on a candy-high for the next number of days which was all great until your follow-up trip to the dentist.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!