Election Day!

Have your Say!

Well, after 40 days and close to 6 weeks of campaigning, today is the day Canada goes to the polls and votes for it’s next Government.  According to the polls, this could be one of the closest elections in Canadian history.

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To be fair, we have seen the advanced polls be incredibly inaccurate in the past and a lot of politicians will tell you the only poll that counts is the one after the final vote on Election Day is tallied.  One thing is for sure about today’s election.  There really doesn’t seem to be any clear “front runner” or policy that seems to be driving the population to lean one way over another on a particular issue.

This is what is going to be make this election very interesting to watch.  Will we have a minority Government as the advanced polls are suggesting?  If so, what will that Government look like?  Would it be a Liberal-NDP coalition or a Conservative minority with no clear support from the opposition?  Or, will a clear decision be made and Canadians elect a majority Government?  It’s all to be determined today and it might be late into the evening tonight before we find out for sure.

Have your say in the process.  Get out to vote today.  If you are not sure on where to find your polling station or what you need to vote, click here.

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