Woman Wears All Her Clothes on Flight to Avoid Paying Baggage Fee

It's all good until she gets randomly selected for a 'more thorough' search

We all hold our breaths the minute we put our luggage onto the scale when we’re about to go on a flight. Those extra baggage fees really sneak up on you. It’s also super embarrassing to have to open your suitcase in front of the entire line up and take enough stuff out so you DON’T have to pay an extra $50 to carry one extra pair of shoes you probably won’t wear to Cuba.

Gel Rodriguez from Davao City in the Philippines is next level genius. She was told her luggage was five pounds more than the allowable weight on her flight. She then proceeded to open her suitcase and put on five layers of clothes, managing to get her baggage down to 14 pounds to avoid extra fees.

She said one of the reasons her baggage was so heavy was a wet pair of pants…which she wore for her entire flight. Rodriguez also admitted that travelling in that many layers was very hot.

It’s all fun and games until she gets ‘randomly selected’ for a more thorough search.

[via NYDN]