Black Crowes Reunion?

Speculation of a 2020 Tour

Are the Black Crowes reuniting?  We’re not sure, but there’s something going on.  A Milwaukee newspaper reported the Black Crowes logo being spotted on digital billboards in that City.  Fans have also spotted the logo at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel in New Jersey. The band has also posted the comical cartoon logo on their social channels as well with no other explanation.

This is all leading to speculation that the band may be reuniting to launch a concert series in 2020.  At least, that’s the hope anyway.  The Black Crowes have been inactive since 2013 and officially announced their split in 2015. Brother’s  Chris and Rich Robinson’s feuds have been well documented over the years and the two have both had solo projects here and there since the break-up, but hopefully, they have been able to patch up some differences and who knows maybe we we’ll get a chance to see them performing together again soon.  We’ll keep you posted on any details as they emerge and as always, we’ll try to get you some tickets to the show should they come to Toronto.