Back to School

Province Slowly Opening

After all of these weeks of Stay-At-Home restrictions, the school busses started rolling again and the kids in Simcoe-Muskoka started heading back to school.

Some parents were so excited they were out throwing flowers up to the school bus drivers on arrival, other parents feel that it is still too soon to for the kids to be going back.  The feeling from the Province meantime, is that the classroom is where students and teachers belong and function best, so given the downward trend in new Covid-19 cases, and the relief of the strain on the healthcare centres in our part of Central Ontario this last while, it is now time for the kids to return to class.

Time will tell if it was the right decision.  In the coming days, we’re expecting to hear the Premiere slowly starting to re-open parts of the economy based on regionality and caseload numbers in those particular regions.  For example, regions in the Province that are not as severely impacted by Covid-19 could see regulations begin opening up this week.  Other areas, such as ours, could still be a week away from starting to re-open, where hot-spot areas such as Toronto, Peel and York Region may still be a couple of weeks away from the release of some of the restrictions.

Also, we have apparently now come through the worst of the slow-down of vaccine shipments, and the numbers of vaccines arriving in the coming weeks are expected to gradually increase.  So, with any luck, we are hopefully beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel that eventually these lock-down days will be behind us.  It can’t happen soon enough for many people.  The key is to be able to stay safe between now and the time most people are vaccinated, so let’s continue to be vigilant in practicing the health safety measures recommended by the Province so that we can all get back together again as soon as possible.