5 Christmas Shoppers We HATE

Don't be one of these.

Every year, they’re there. In front of you in line. Walking too slow in the malls. And bumping into you with all of their bags.

The Christmas shoppers we HATE;

The Parking Spot Stealer- You, like every other Christmas shopper, have been circling the parking lot for 15 minutes trying to scope out a spot. Finally, you see one. You turn on your signal and this jerk just takes your spot anyway.

The Vulture- You’re deciding whether or not to buy that last-of-its-kind-on-the-sales-rack sweater in your hands, and this shopper is just circling, staring at you and anxiously waiting for you to put it back.

The Bag Lady- She’s obviously crossed a lot of people off her list, but she also continuously smacks people with all her loot as she walks by. Seriously! Drop some off at your car.

The Undecided-  They’ve been standing in your way looking at that shelf for 10 minutes. Make up your mind already!

The Slow Walker- It’s Christmas. I’ve got things to do, places to be. Move aside!


At least once it’s all over and done with, after the bruised shoulders and sore wrists, you’ll be able to be like this…




(Images courtesy quickmeme.com)