Amazon Charging New Holiday Shopping Fee

Sorry for using the "C" word, but shopping online with Amazon is about to get more expensive for Christmas.

Need another reason to shop local in the Barrie area? Online shopping with Amazon is about to get more expensive.

To maximize profit during the busiest season, under the guise of insuring you get your packages “on time”, Amazon are introducing a new fee. From October 15th until January 14th, all purchases through Amazon will see a raised price.

It’s called the Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fee, and will see every package go up by around .35 cents. Bigger packages will be subject to an even higher fee. Basically, it’s not having any choice but to pay extra to have parcels arrive in time for Christmas.

So if it’s for every individual purchase, how many are STILL not going to arrive in time?

Get more details or beat the price increase:

If it were up to me, a great Christmas gift for local businesses would be to support them instead, remembering the #IChooseLocal campaign!

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