Hamilton Holiday Lights In Thornton Is Worth The Trip

The revolving 25 minute light show is a spectacle

You’ve seen Holiday Lights before but maybe never as good as this. It doesn’t have the inflatable snowman your neighbour puts up every year, and it doesn’t have Santa on his sleigh, but it does have an incredible light show and 4 characters that come to life in 25-minute intervals.

A short drive from Barrie this Holiday Display is a bonafide 10.

Music: Check

Every colour light you can imagine: Check

Enough room to park or get out of your car: Check

It has everything you’re looking for. However, there are some rules you need to follow— some rules that the person behind me earlier this week did not follow. I had the car behind me leave their lights on which was reflecting off all my mirrors directly into my eyes for the duration of the show I saw.

We had to get the rules out of the way, trust me if everyone followed them it would be better for all of us. Let’s get to the real show now, one of the best Holiday Light displays I’ve ever seen.

Only a short drive from Barrie (65 Davis Trail in Thornton), taking it in with your own eyes is obviously better, but the next best thing and to give you an idea, here’s a short video of the beginning of the epic 25-minute show.