Zeppelin! Borrowed or Stolen? You decide!

The last word on Stairway! Despite what the verdict says...

Nothing is ever new…

someone has done it before..

just like in comedy!

But those that improve on an old idea can reap some great rewards! The internet is full of examples….google is a great improvement on Netscape Navigator and multiple search engines for digital example.

Even is Led Zeppelin is found guilty of “borrowing” the chord progression in the song “Taurus”, the simple fact of the matter is that none of us would have ever heard Taurus because it was not a success.

To have the imagination and creative force to create “Stairway” was not in the ability for the members of Spirit. Give Stairway it’s due.

Do the creators of Taurus deserve some credit? Sure they do, if Page and Plant are found guilty (either way I believe that it may have borrowed the guitar lick)

And either way, Spirit didn’t make that buried album chord a success until Zep did something amazing with it. Maybe they should get 10% for their contribution or a portion of the writing proceeds. After all, this isn’t the first time parts of song have been borrowed by almost every artist…including Beatles and Stones and many others.

Some other Zep examples….