World Cup Of Soccer

The Road to Glory starts today

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The most anticipated sporting event of the year gets underway as the World Cup of Soccer kicks off today in Russia marking basically a full month of soccer action for fans of the game.

Here in North America, at one time if you even mentioned soccer, you would get a pretty ho-hum reaction but that has been slowly changing over the last few decades as more and more people put their kids into the sport and are becoming more knowledgeable and passionate about the game.

Canadians who come from soccer-rich nation backgrounds from continents around the world such as Europe, South America, the Middle-East, Asia and elsewhere are all stoked for the upcoming action.  Some flying flagsImage result for world cup flags on cars from their home countries from car windows.  Others gathering in groups to cheer on their home country.  It all makes for some tremendous “highs” and of course the ultimate “lows” that go along with it, as only one Country will emerge as the World Champion. As of today, they all have an equal chance at the glory.

By the way if you happen to notice over the course of the next few weeks if any employees from places like England or France that have gone missing, you might be able to locate them over at the nearest pub on their country’s game day.