Want Passes to the Birthday Bash??

Here's some tips to increase your chances!

Now that the 95 Days of Summer have come and gone, we roll into a new season over the next number of weeks.  We’ve now entered the beginning of ROCK 95 Birthday Bash Season!

For the next number of weeks you’ll have chances to win your way into our biggest party of the year for a free concert featuring Tom Cochrane, The Trews and Finger 11, plus you’ll have a chance at winning some AMAZING bucket-list prizes!  You might even go home with an extra $50,000 in your pocket!

Now while it is free to get in, the only way to get access to the big event is to WIN your passes.  As you can imagine, demand is intense to score a pair of passes to the big party, but there are several ways to help increase your odds of winning those illusive Birthday Bash pass laminates.

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Firstly, you need to be committed.  That means taking the radio along with you wherever you go, even taking it to bed with you at night to be listening for chances to call in.  Your family will become irritable and distant over time, but that attitude will change once you have control over who will be able to join you as their guest at the 31st Birthday Bash. Call in at every opportunity you hear throughout the day and night.  If you get busy signals when you call, that’s OK, just keep re-dialing for at least two minutes during each opportunity, and then simply move on to the next chance to call in.  Never get disappointed or discouraged.  This is all part of the end game that will be well worth the bragging rights you’ll receive later once you have the victory of receiving your passes.  It’s also a good idea to enlist family and friends into your quest so that you can share a win if one comes up.

Also, keep listening for all of the various “bonus” chances to win passes.  This includes web site contests where they hide a pair of passes somewhere on our web site at rock95.com that you have to scavenger hunt the site to find.  There are newspaper “bonus” opportunities during the contest period, Undie-500 race,  live on-location Birthday Bash remote broadcasts with chances to win passes during Barrie’s Colts night, and a long list of various other ways that you can also win passes to get yourself into the biggest party of the year and your chance to get in on the winning of some amazing prizes that will all be handed out in one night.

Winning passes can be a daunting and challenging task, but this is like the radio listening playoffs!  It’s time to up your radio listening game and the first round is underway.  So get out there, and get YOUR Birthday Bash passes and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!  Come Join the FUN!