McCully’s Top 5 Pro Wrestlers Who Made Us “Feel Something”

Here's the wresting pros I grew up with ...

Wrestling is in my blood. I’ve trained and toured as a wrestler with many alter-egos over the years. Even now, you can catch me in the ring from time to time wrestling and announcing. 

Like any wrestling fan, my love of the sport started early. As a kid, there were plenty of wrestlers and industry pros that really made me feel something. Here are my top 5 picks: 

5. Vince McMahon 

As the CEO and chairman for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for many years, Vince McMahon is credited with revolutionizing the wrestling business. 

Back in the day, he made me feel invested in the sport. Later on, he made me feel mad, if you know what I mean …

4. C.M. Punk 

In my opinion, C.M. Punk is one of the top pro wrestlers. He’s also a sports commentator and actor. C.M. Punk is best known for his time with the WWE where he reigned as WWE Champion for 434 days. As his name suggests, his alter ego was anti-establishment, sharp tongued and outspoken. Often shifting from hero to villain, he would emphasize different aspects of his character to get the desired reaction. 

He was a great good guy. He was a great bad guy. And he is great on the microphone as well as in the ring. 

3. Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Jesse “The Body” Ventura is best known for his time in the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and WWE. He performed as a heel, which is a wrestler who portrays a villain or bad guy. He was a bully-ish beach bodybuilder whose motto was “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!”

My venture into becoming a broadcaster and personality was inspired by how good he was being the bad guy. 

2. Ted DiBiase 

Ted DiBiase is a retired professional wrestler and color commentator who currently works in the WWE’s Legends program. 

When he performed as “The Million Dollar Man” he was so good at being the bad guy. He was a rich villain with an evil cackle who tried to buy his way to success in the ring. 

He played his role well. Every time I watched him, all I could think about was him getting beat and I wanted to see it.

1. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper 

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is one of the top Canadian pro wrestlers. His claim to fame like many of the guys on this list was his work with WWF and WWE. His Scottish heritage inspired his Glasgow alter ego that sported a kilt and entered to bagpipe music. 

Without Rowdy, there would be no Hulk Hogan. And there would be no WrestleMania.

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