Top 3 Rock Song Covers

Remade.. Even better

In the world of rock and roll songs get remade all the time. Here’s a few of my favorites.

3: Renegades of Funk – Rage Against the Machine

Originally done by Afrika Bambaata and Soul Sonic Force, this cover kind of overhauled the entire song. I have to say the Original is a work of… modern art. It’s interesting
Rage covered this song on an album boldly titled off the song, called Renegade it was released in 2000.

Here’s the original:


2: How Could I Just Kill a Man – Rage Against The Machine

Look, I know its rare for a band to make the list twice, but Rage has always had this amazing talent to take the political meaning of a tune, and flip the sound on its head.. That’s why they are here twice.

This tune was originally a Cypress Hill jam.  Here it is.

1: Greta Van Fleet – A Change is Gonna Come

This song was originally recorded by Sam Cooke in 1964 in the height of the civil rights movement. Honestly, it takes major guts to cover. There has been over 10 recordings of this song, from names like Tina Turner, The Gits, Al Green, but this cover takes the damn cake.

The first words out of my mouth were “Holy Crap”. Seriously check this one out. Trust me.

Here is the original: