Thinking of a New Addition? Think Greyhound

Little over 9 months ago, I adopted what I thought was going to be a […]

Little over 9 months ago, I adopted what I thought was going to be a ball of energy. Oh boy was I wrong.

Meet Gumbo! Swipe right for more!


He’s a 4 and a half year old Greyhound adopted from Camp Greyhound in Orillia. His recorded linage dates back to 1820 on his dads side, and 185x on his moms, detailing health problems, and cause of death. Something most dog owners would NEVER know with traditional breeders and to be honest this information seriously helps.

Back to the whole, energy thing. I was under the assumption these dogs are fast and have a want to run all the time. Boy was I wrong, Greyhounds are sprinters. Vastly different then a runner, Sprinters will tire out VERY quickly due to things like high blood pressure, faster heart rates etc.

Gumbo is done sprinting in about 4 minutes, after that he is toast. Straight to the bed for his nap time, which typically lasts around 8 hours and the rest of the day is lazing around begging for treats, and giving an absolutely insane amount of love in very nontraditional ways…. buy a mask.. trust me.


Please read below if you are considering adopting a Greyhound.


I think it’s a brutal misconception that all dogs are the same, while Gumbo may be very very chilled out, another Greyhound may not be. So please visit Camp Greyhound today and maybe find your next perfect match. From application time, to having a dog, the process took about 4 months and I wouldn’t take any of that time back.

Having a pup is a big deal, having one that needs a little extra love is even bigger.

Camp Greyhound