The Worlds Fastest Couch Potato!

If you wanted a dog, stop here!

Last fall I made a big decision to welcome a new addition into the family, obviously, not a kid. Come on man, that’s far too many germs. A dog, I welcomed a beautiful tall, lanky, and super weird Greyhound into my life.

Photo by CGAP

This is Gumbo, he’s my boy! He is a greyhound, and is commonly known as a “Retired Racer”. Yes he actually raced, No he wasn’t any good…. which is why he is currently farting on my couch. But lets clear something up. There is a common misconception that tracks are evil to these dogs. They completely mistreat them, abuse them etc. Yes that stuff does happen at a very small amount of tracks, but in reality most Racers are cared for better then their human counterparts. Where Gumbo comes from, daily hot tub massages from certified massage therapists are a thing.

Greyhounds are lovable, so unbelievably sweet and … L A Z Y. The majority sleep about 15-20 hours a day depending on the dog. Gumbo, he’s on the higher end of the scale. They are a gentle breed, and I say that with utmost importance, you have to be gentle with these guys because fear and anxiety are common issues but are easily beatable. With that being said, this breed is HIGHLY trainable, my boy picks up on new rules in different places within an hour, we’ve only been together for 9 months.

If you are thinking about adoption Contact Camp Greyhound Adoption Program