March 13: The Sex Pistols Refuse Hall Of Fame Induction

On March 13, 2006, The Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Blondie, and Lynrd Skynrd entered the […]

On March 13, 2006, The Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath, Blondie, and Lynrd Skynrd entered the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. When they received the information, Johnny Rotten and Co did the most Sex Pistols thing ever… They refused to show up to the ceremony.

The Sex Pistols, often referred to as the founding fathers of Punk Rock started in London in 1975. Their wild personalities, attitude mixed with politically driven lyrics led to career success. though, it wouldn’t last long… Two and a half years to be specific.

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The Sex Pistols started with founding members John Lydon (vocals), Steve Jones (Guitar), Paul Cook (drums), and Glen Matlock (base). Glen Matlock would be later replaced by Sid Vicious, one of Jon Lydon’s good friends.

The band gained attention after rudely appearing in a television interview. The band released their hit song “God Save The Queen” shortly after. That song’s release coincided with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations. In the song they mock the Monarchy and refer to it as a “Fascist Regime”. The song found itself banned on radio stations around the world.

Following the release of that song, the band recorded and released their sole album Never Mind The Bullocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols. Which would go down as one of the most influential rock albums of all time, And paved the way for a new punk rock genre.

The 2006 induction wasn’t well received, the band got passed over 5 times prior. When they turned down the invitation, they posted a handwritten note on their website.

The Ceremony went on to be marked with controversy. Black Sabbath had a lot to say about the people voting on the inductees, though they went on to attend the event. But the most controversial part of the night came from Blondie’s induction. When former members, Frank Infante and Nigel Harrison begged Debbie Harry to let them play with the band. She refuses saying “Can’t you see my band is up there?”

Other Notable Rock Events From March 13

1964 – Billboard reported that The Beatles album Meet The Beatles reached 3.5 million copies sold

1965 – Eric Clapton quit the Yardbirds, citing musical differences. 

1966 – Pink Floyd appeared at the Marquee Club in London for the first time. 

1977 – Iggy Pop started the North American leg of the Idiot World tour in Montreal, QC. He was joined by David Bowie, who played keyboard and provided backup vocals. Blondie was the opening act for the show.

1993 – Eric Clapton started a 3-week run at number one on the us album chart for his album Unplugged. It remains the most successful live album ever. 

1995 – Radiohead released their second album The Bends in the UK. 

2013 – Jimmy Hendrix recorded his highest chart debut since 1969 for his album People, Hell & Angles. Which went on to sell 72,000 copies.

2023 – Jim Gordon died in prison at the age of 77.

Rock Birthdays

1959 – Greg Norton of Husker Du (Bass)

1960 – Adam Clayton of U2 (Bass)

1973 – David Draiman of Disturbed (Vocals)

On This Day In History – March 13

March 13 was full of ups and downs in music history, but one thing is for sure… it is a day we will never forget!