March 6th: The Rolling Stones Start Recording “Paint It Black”

On March 6, 1966, The Rolling Stones started recording their classic hit “Paint It Black” […]

On March 6, 1966, The Rolling Stones started recording their classic hit “Paint It Black” at RCA Studios in LA. The Stones were no strangers to success and knew they wanted to do something special with this song. So, they decided to steer away from their usual style and try something a little different.

One of those differences was putting a new instrument in Brian Jones’ hands – a sitar. They decided to add the sitar after becoming infatuated with a new style of music called raga rock, which is rock or pop songs with Middle Eastern, and Eastern European influences. The lyrics in the genre usually touch on heavier topics like grief and loss.

The song was co-written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and holds true to the raga rock style. The song lyrics touch on difficult emotions, such as sadness and dealing with challenging situations. The duo says that the recurring desire to paint it all black is a metaphor for dealing with strong emotions.

Yes, it was a dark song but it came at a dark time in history. The Vietnam War and societal upheaval marked the 1960s. So the group wanted to write a song that captured that emotion.

And on May 7 when they released the song, they realized they hit another home run. It became an instant hit with a generation feeling sadness and anger daily. “Paint It Black” symbolizes the darkness shrouding that time in history.

But the song didn’t confine itself to the radio; It was able to find a second life in movies. Filmmakers everywhere recognized the emotional charge of the song and saw cinematic appeal. “Paint It Black” appears in tons of movies to enhance the emotional impact of certain scenes.

When The Rolling Stones started writing “Paint It Black” on March 6, 1966, they likely had no idea how successful it would be. But, they crafted a musical masterpiece that will help generations navigate tough emotions. Plus every time you listen, it takes you back to a transformative period in history. Beyond being a song, it is a piece of history that we will love for years to come. 

Other Notable Rock Events From March 6

1967 – The Beatles record the sound effects for their hit “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” which include sounds from their concert at the Hollywood Bowl 

1970 – David Bowie released “The Prettiest Star” in the UK as a follow-up to “Space Oddity”. The track featured Marc Bolan who would go on to be Bowie’s main competition for the king of glam rock title.

1970 – Charles Manson released an album, Lie, to raise money for his defense in court.

1971 – Led Zeppelin played their first show in Dublin Ireland. They would play their smash hit “Stairway To Heaven” at that show for just the second time.

1971 – Led Zeppelin’s album Physical Graffiti is awarded gold status

1998 – A handcuffed Liam Gallagher appeared in a Brisbane court on charges of headbutting a fan after a show. Later, the Oasis singer was released on bail. 

2013 – “Stompin” Tom Conners passed away in his sleep at the age of 77. The beloved Canadian songwriter was most known for his hit song “The Hockey Song” which is still played at arenas around the world.

2000 – Eric Clapton gets inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for the third time. He received the honor twice before as a member of The Yardbirds and Cream 

Rock Birthdays

1946 – David Gilmore of Pink Floyd (Guitar/vocals)

1964 – Stephen Bier of Marilyn Manson (Keyboard)

1984 – Chris Thomson of Vampire Weekend (Drums)

On This Day In History – March 6

March 6 was an epic day in Rock and Roll history. we saw legends born and anthems created.