The Kee to Bala Celebrates 75 Years

A Summer Concert Tradition Since 1942

If walls could talk.  The Kee to Bala would have some amazing stories to tell.

The iconic Muskoka summer nightspot is celebrating 75 years this year and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has visited there that doesn’t have an amazing story to tell about the good times they have had in the famous club.

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There is just something magical about the place.  It’s unassuming as you approach the Club for the first time.  Looks like just an older wooden building in Muskoka, but once inside on a beautiful summer night and the lights dim as the performers take to that huge elevated stage, you know something special is about to unfold.  The big stage seems to make the artists seem bigger than life as you look up at them while they begin to shred their guitars and strut the stage.  The sound, the lights, the performances from the artists feeding from the appreciative crowd brings the place to life and you can’t help get caught up in the vibe and the good times just begin to roll.

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If you want to get a breath of air, you can just step outside onto the amazing back waterfront patio that overlooks Bala Bay.  Boats and yachts are anchored below the deck picking up the sounds that are coming out of the club.  The stars are twinkling, the music is rolling on in the background and right at this moment, there’s no where else you’d rather be.

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All of us music lovers owe a big thank you to all of the the different owners and management over the past 75 years for continuing to maintain and keep this famous landmark going and also understanding the importance of live music performances from some of Canada’s Top artists. Here’s to another 75 great years of rocking Muskoka out of Bala Ontario.  Cheers.

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