KISS Scene Released From Upcoming Neil Bogart Biopic

Spinning Gold is coming later this summer.

The story of Neil Bogart, the creator of Casablanca Records, is the subject of the upcoming biopic, Spinning Gold.

Neil’s career started in the ’60s as a singer, then he moved to Cameo-Parkway Records where he managed the offices. Cameo-Parkway Record got shut down for stock fraud, so next for Bogart was Buddah records where he helped the rise of the bubble gum pop sound.

It was 1973 when Neil started Casablanca Records, first signing KISS, then Donna Summer, The Village People and so many famous bands from the 1970s. Neil’s fingers were all over music in the ’70s and Spinning Gold promises to tell the whole story.

A sneak peeks from the upcoming film was released today with the film’s version of KISS.


From what we can see, you can expect Spinning Gold later this summer.