The Perfect Way To Stop A Tantrum

Parents did you have your own trick to stop the crying?


Tantrums are a part of growing up. It’s a reality that every parent needs to wrap their head around– but perhaps what’s more important is how to deal with them, what works and what doesn’t.

Enter this video. The child is clearly upset and waiting outside a glass door for her parents to come ‘fix everything’ which is exactly what they did.

Was it whipped cream? I hope so, but could it have been whipped butter or mayonnaise in a can — and as a parent, all you care about is the fact that it worked. And worked instantly.

Did you have a little hack that you figured out when your child had a bit of a tantrum? Did you figure it out on your own or was it a piece of advice passed down to you?

A few comments on the post were questioning whether or not the kid is just more likely to throw a tantrum in the future — however, I think this individual’s post makes a great point. Great parenting.

What do we learn through it all? Always have cool whip in a can, on hand.