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Your Morning Mix of Rock Hits and Hilarious Quips

Tune in to The Morning Crew, where Craig, Bryan, and MJ bring the perfect blend of rock music, local news, and hilarious conversation to kickstart your day. Their infectious chemistry and side-splitting banter make for an unmissable start to your day. Whether you're a rock aficionado or simply looking for a morning pick-me-up, The Morning Crew promises to start your day right with great music, lively banter, and a whole lot of fun.

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Craig Ross from the Rock 95 Morning Crew in the studio

About Craig

The Witty One

I spent a good chunk of my life in Orangeville before my parents ripped me away from my friends and gave my dog away so we could move to Brampton. Thankfully, radio was always there. After I spent a few embarrassing years at Fanshawe honing my craft, I bounced around a bit before landing in Barrie over 20 years ago. Now, I get to goof off with two great friends every morning on the air and get to meet some great people. I've turned so many listeners into friends and seeing everyone is what I love most about this town. That and Kempenfelt Bay! 

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Bryan from the Rock 95 Morning Crew in the studio

About Bryan

The Funny One

They say you gotta pick your battles, and for me, it's Bryan with a "y." Anything else, like Ryan, or Brian (in text) and there’s zero chance we could be friends. Just ask Kurt. He learned that the hard way. A Waterloo native, I landed in radio after trying out more than 20 different jobs. Turns out the person who recommended I give it a try was right: broadcasting is my calling. The best part of my job? Realizing that even the most embarrassing stories bring us together. When I'm not connecting with listeners, you'll find me tinkering with a vintage record player (inherited, finicky, and forever a work in progress) or adding to my ever-growing vinyl collection. 

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MJ from the Rock 95 Morning Crew in the studio

About MJ

The Charming One

When I'm not behind the mic, you can find me kicking butt in a kickboxing class or pumping iron at the gym. Running? No thanks, I'd rather do burpees all day. Believe it or not, getting into radio started with a nudge from my mom (thanks, Mom!). Apparently, I have a knack for explaining things. Then, a retail job gone wrong gave me the push I needed to enroll in radio school – 20 years ago! What I love most about this job is the people. It's like having the best water cooler chats, but broadcasted to the whole community. From music to news to laughs, radio connects with people in a powerful way, and that's what keeps me going.

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