Public Warning Issued Over Unknown Drug With “Out of Control” Side Effects

Two Bradford Youths Sent To Hospital

South Simcoe Police are issuing a Public Warning, after they say two “out of control” youths were sent to hospital. Police arrived at a Bradford apartment building around 7:00 Thursday night, to find two men in apparent medical distress. The two were reportedly aggressive and violent, and worried the boys may harm themselves, officers used tasers to get control of them. Police say the two boys only stopped struggling when paramedics sedated them. They’ve since been released from hospital, while police say they don’t know what the boys took aside from being an illicit chemical drug. “There’s no quality control with street level chemical drugs”, said Deputy Chief Andrew Fletcher. “You have no idea what you’re putting into your body, just the word of a dealer.” Click here for a link to Health Canada’s site, filled with suggestions on how to talk to your kids about drug use.