Longing for the Dog Days of Summer

...or maybe Fall.

February is here!

And let’s be honest January was miserable (only 50 hours of sunlight!!).

It may have even had you longing for those warm Summer days.

But just remember: It gets really friggin’ hot in the summer! Remember Summer 2016? By the end of August I was DYING for fall.

That’s one thing I love about us Canadians … we can ALWAYS complain about the weather.

Winter – “It’s too cold, snowy, slick, greasy.”

Spring – “It’s too cold, snowy, rainy, wet.”

Summer – “It’s too damn hot, humid, sticky, choppy”

Fall – “I don’t even like Pumpkin Spice”

Anyway, this picture below pretty much depicts my entire Summer 2016 (missing: a couple boxes of Smirnoff Ice – a.k.a. “Shmirns”, “Shmirnies” or “Vitamin Ice”)