Jaw-Dropping Homes From Across Canada (That You Can Rent!)

Live Like The Other Half Does...Even If It's Just For A Night

As many of you know by now, I am nothing more than a broke student who was lucky enough to get a VIA Canada 150 Pass, so at the end of the day I was still trying to find the cheapest ways to get across the country. These days, there are a ton of options when looking for accommodations. Sites like AirBnB and VRBO make it easy to find a really cool places to stay. It turned out to be one of the best ideas of the trip because I came across so many incredible places! I was having so much fun booking the rooms that I would spend hours on the train browsing the pages, finding some of the country’s most unique, crazy, and cool homes. Here are a few of the craziest places to rent across Canada. 

The Deluxe Tree House, Scugog ON


This cozy little cabin is every child-at-heart’s dream, and is only an hour outside of Toronto! Cook your meals over a wood stove and spend your mornings listening to birds on the porch. It’s a perfect way to take a break from the real world.

Rotating House, Rustico PEI


Wish your bedroom faced both sunrise and sunset? This rotating house gives you just that! It turns a whole 360⁰, so you’ll never miss a good view.

Comfy Converted Church, Annapolis Royal NS


This cozy little home was once a church! It is now a quaint little oasis for those wishing to ditch the city life, and enjoy the small town’s community feel.

Muskoka Paradise, Huntsville ON


Are you a city-slicker in need of some well-earned time at the cottage? This home is perfect for you. Modern architecture overlooks Otter Lake, where heron fly and fish swim. One of the best features is that motor boats aren’t allowed in this water, so you can relax in pure peace and quiet.

A Home In The Mountains, Furry Creek BC


If you have some guests and a little more money to spend, take a look at this stunning listing! It can hold 8 people, so you and your friends can all chip in and drink morning mimosas on the patio, or spend the evening playing music by the pool.


Luxury Treehouse, Durham ON


If the first treehouse was a little too rustic for your tastes, check out this gorgeous home in Durham! Expertly designed and nestled in the woods, it also features a wood stove and a summer pool.

Photographer’s Paradise, Toronto ON


This charming apartment is one of my favourites, as I have stayed before! It is a beautifully decorated floor full of treasures, like the old piano and indoor swing. Every photo you take in this home is a masterpiece!

Mongolian Yurt, Whitehorse YK


There is no better way to see the Northern Lights than this! This round home is nestled between trees and the mountains, and can host up to 4 guests for a lovely little retreat.

A-Frame Cabin, Sechelt BC


If you like a cozy home and beautiful views, then this one is all for you. Featuring a skylight and a three-minute walk to the beach, this place is perfect for anyone wanting to visit British Columbia’s mountains.

The Kooky Treehouse, Wardner BC


OK, last treehouse, I swear. But this one was just so cool it had to be posted! This home is like Dr. Seuss’ forest hideaway with its winding stairs and whimsical style. It even features hidden carvings throughout the inside!


Gnome’s Cottage, Mayne Island BC


This house is straight out of a storybook! With rounded walls, sheep that roam the gardens, and sprawling orchards, there is not a whole lot more you could ask for if you were looking for your fairy-tale house.

Modern Day Cabin, Columbia-Shuswap, BC


If you want to live in the forest in style then you must check out this booking. The home’s vaulted ceiling living room offers 180⁰ views of the surrounding landscape, and is a quick walk to a ton of beautiful trails.

The Dome Home, Duncan BC


This serene house sits on a hill overlooking the B.C. seas and mountains. The coolest part? It is an actual dome! Take advantage of this home by sleeping in the oddly shaped rooms, eating in the conservatory, sitting in the gardens, and swimming in the pool.

The Blue Caboose, Flat River, PEI


As someone who spent a month switching between trains and rentals for sleep, this home is the perfect combination for me. The small abode has everything you need, and is close to the beaches, golfing, and local lighthouses. Best of all, its bed is MUCH comfier than any economy-style seat I slept on in the actual train!

Which house would you book if you could? Comment your favourites below!