“Hero”Baker Finds Lost Guitar

Cupcakes for Everyone!

There’s a good news story coming from our area that is capturing the imagination of people from around the world.

Musician Danny Michel had accidentally left his prized and favorite guitar (a vintage 1963 Gibson B-25 acoustic) in a parking lot at Park Place in Barrie when he and a buddy had been transferring equipment from one vehicle to the next.  The pair were in Muskoka by the time they realized that Danny’s guitar hadn’t made the trip with them.  Of course, he was horrified to discover the guitar had gone missing from the parking lot and then began a search through social media and different channels to see if anyone might have any info on what had happened to it.

Thinking the worse, he contacted various “hock” shops around the area to be on the lookout for the missing guitar and filled out numerous police reports but really thought he probably wasn’t going to see it ever again.

  That was until Tuesday night when an e-mail came his way saying “I have your guitar”.  Turns out Bruno Alonzi, owner of Bruno’s Bakery and Cafe in Innisfil came across the guitar in the parking lot, and figuring someone might just “take it”, Bruno decided to pick it up and if he couldn’t find the owner, he’d maybe just teach himself how to play.

Upon inspection of the guitar and a couple of strums, Bruno realized this was a guitar of some importance to somebody out there and then after seeing Danny’s social media post, he contacted the musician right away.

Danny is going to be meeting Bruno face to face at the Bakery this afternoon to retrieve his prized guitar.  Danny was offering a reward for the guitar, but Bruno would just like a “song” as his reward, and Danny is planning on buying a lot of cupcakes for his family and friends.