Heardle: Like Wordle, But For Music (Another Rock 95 1 Second Challenge Rip Off)

It's still fun, not nearly as fun as our challenge though

The Wordle craze feels far from over with all kinds of variations popping up, Lewdle, Canuckle, Wordle 2, mostly, are all just rip-offs of the original. It’s tough to beat the original. We know that well, last summer Bryan challenged Craig from the Rock95 Morning Crew to the 1-second song challenge. Craig did well, but not perfect. Hate to bring that up but he stumbled on 89. Check out the original challenger here.

Now we do have an imposter version called heardle that has shown up. It’s similar to where you have the very first clip of a song, and then you need to identify the artist and the song name. If you can’t do it on the first try, the clip can get longer and longer up to 6 tries. The immediate problem is that it’s music from ALL genres and not always a certified HIT. That being said we did get today’s version cause it was rock-based. Give it a go here.