Don’t Believe Everything You Read

People Make Money on Fake News Sites

Ever come across a news story that seems unbelievable or makes you question people’s morality (besides on a daily basis)?

One of the things that drives journalists “nuts” is people who publish articles on-line that have no basis in facts, or even deliberate “fake” news.

There are many web sites operating today dedicated to actually making money from putting totally made-up news stories on web sites and on-line, and the more outrageous the better!    These sites are connected to ad views, and the more “clicks” they can get the more money the web site operators can make.

So, the next time you see a headline pop up in your news feed that gets your blood boiling or shocks you in a way that you have to find out more info, keep in mind until you actually “source” the story, it could well be a fake.