Canadian Mental Health Week

Time to Get Loud about Mental Health

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The Canadian Mental Health Association celebrates Mental Health Week during the first week of May each year.  This year marks the 66th annual and the CMHA is asking people this year to #GETLOUD about the lack of mental health services, acknowledgment and respect.

Slowly the message is being heard and one of the great things that is happening right now in our regional area are the plans for the new Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Child and Youth Program which will be starting up later this year.  As of now, our region is the only one without inpatient youth and child services.  Each year approximately 1,700 youth visit area Emergency Departments (a number that has doubled in the past 5 years).  One in 5 Youth will experience a mental health challenge, but only 1 in 5 of these will receive the help they need.

The local community has been coming together in a big way to help support the new project and an announcement was just made this week regarding the actual finishing construction of the new project and services are expected to begin operating sometime between the fall and Christmas this year.

To find out more about Mental Health Week click here.

Image result for when is mental health week in canada