We Got More On The Foo Fighters Pinball Machine

The Pro is $6,999.

We got a teaser for the machine not too long ago for a Foo Fighter pinball machine series from Stern Pinball. (The guys who brought us the RUSH pinball machine)

This week Stern gave us more, and just like the RUSH series, there are 3 different models available.

The designer of the machine, Jack Danger, worked closely with the Foo to make sure their tour van makes an appearance and even gave a nod to the namesake of the band. Foo fighters were UFOs or mysterious things in the sky from WWII.

According to an interview with Danger and Billboard, the band was ecstatic to get a machine dedicated to them, and apparently, there was a lot of “F— Yeahs!”

The Pro Version will run you around $7k, the Premium is $9700, and the Limited edition will set you back $13k.