*Watch* Man Successfully Wrestles Dog From Gator

Man didn't even time to put his stogie down

Living in a place that doesn’t experience the snow and chilly temperatures that we get here, has lots of perks… but there are plenty of cons to living there as well — it’s so nice you’re not there alone, and those environments are home to all sorts of critters and animals. Australia seems like a dream — until you see one picture of a spider from there, Florida looks awesome, although you need to be okay with the fact an alligator may try to join you for lunch in your backyard any day. And in this case, an alligator attempted to get some easy lunch in the form of a small dog. The dog looks tiny and if it weren’t for this mountain of a man, that dog would have been the gators lunch, but this man jumped into the water and pried the gator’s jaws open freeing the dog.

And yeah the man did it all with a cigar in his mouth…