Victim Remains Mum Following Barrie Stabbing

Victim Will Face Criminal Charges After Release From Hospital

A stabbing at an Edgehill Dr. apartment and the suspect is still on the lamb. Barrie Police called to an Edgehill at Anne St. apartment around 3:30 tis morning with reports of a stabbing, arriving to find a blood trail leading to an apartment door. No one answered when police knocked, so they forced their way in and found a 33-year-old man suffering from multiple stab wounds. They say he wasn’t cooperative with police, but they were able to get him to RVH anyway. A canine search of the apartment turned up some key evidence, but no suspects. Police say they later discovered the stabbing victim was in breach of a few court orders, so once they let him out of hospital, the Barrie man will be heading to court. If you have any information on the stabbing, contact the Barrie Police Service.