US Coors Recalled Due To Green Slime

Ew! Viral videos show slime being poured out of select Coors Light cans.

Insert your “American beer vs. Canadian beer” jokes, and poke fun at Coors all you want, they still come in handy on a hot day! But slime might be a deal breaker.

Molson Coors have announced a recall of products exclusively made at their Trenton, Ohio plant, which means this is a viral story we CAN laugh at, cause it’s confined to the United States. They haven’t commented on the viral videos, but clearly something is wrong.

But just in case you’re thirsty for some American Coors and have a trip planned for south of the border, here’s the affected products:

  • Coors Light 12 Pack 12oz. Cans (UPC: 00-71990-00048)
  • Coors Light 18 Pack 12oz. Cans (UPC: 00-71990-30017)
  • Coors Light 24 Pack 12oz. Cans (UPC: 00-71990-31600)
  • Coors Light 30 Pack 12oz. Cans (UPC: 00-71990-30030)
  • Keystone Light 15 Pack 12oz. Cans (UPC: 00-71990-48045)
  • Keystone Light 24 Pack 12oz. Cans (UPC: 00-71990-48006)

Any brewers have any clue to what could be behind green slime showing up in beer? A failed attempt at Coors Light Lime perhaps?