UFC Returns Tonight – What Song Would You Walk Out To?

What's your walk-out song?

We are getting the first major North American sport returning this weekend with UFC 249. Whether you agree with the fact they are going ahead with the event or not– it’s happening. I expect PPV sales to be through the roof as this is a stacked card for fight fans. Now I have been to UFC live event and it was incredible. Especially the production and moment a fighter begins their walk out from backstage to the cage. The crowd goes wild and the song choice is always important. Some fighters have chose fights to poke fun at their opponent, others just to get themself psyched. Now tonight there will be no crowd so that means the song choice will be even more important. I’ll never be in a scenario where I would need a fight song but if I did, it would have to be Rage Against The Machine, Guerilla Radio.

What would be your walk out song?