*Watch* Judd Apatow + Pete Davidson = The King Of Staten Island

Available On Demand On June 12th

This is a project that has garnered plenty of hype the last year, and the trailer has finally arrived. Pete Davidson from SNL stars in a semi-autobiographical role as The King of Staten Island, directed by Judd Apatow. The trailer seems to set a scene very similar to Pete’s real life story as he handles living in Staten Island at his moms house while he is in his twenties. The movie also touches on the lead grieving the loss of his father, who was a fire fighter and passed away 17 years prior. Davidson’s real father famously passed away in 9/11. The trailer looks great and this is the return of Judd Apatow who took a few years away focusing on his stand up comedy routine. Have a look at the trailer and know that on June 12th the movie will go direct to On Demand.