Traeger Guys Wing Night Support Toy Drive

$2,500 donated to the ROCK 95-KOOL FM Toy Drive

On the second Monday of every month, the Traeger guys (part of Georgian Leisure Distributors) gather together to share some smoke-pellet bbq’d chicken wings, a little bubbly, and together they help some amazing charitable causes in our regional community as men who collectively like to give back to the community.

A lot of times the charities the men give too have no idea what is about to happen when they are invited to join the group on a meeting night.  They soon find a very welcoming, hospitable group of guys who like to give from their hearts and help the community out the best that they can.  You also get a chance to sample some of the amazing smokey BBQ’d-wood-pellet chicken wings the guys cook up on a Traeger grill out back of the warehouse.  Everyone brings a different “special” sauce that is rated by the guys on a scale from 1 to 10 with the winner receiving a monthly trophy and the loser getting a picture taken of them sporting a “special” apron with their picture being published in the monthly calendar that’s printed for the group. for everyone to enjoy.

At the end of the evening, the guys took up a collection and between their donations and some help from the firefighters boot drive campaign, the guys presented the Toy Drive with a cheque for $2,500!  A donation that will go a long way in helping to give kids right here in our local area the type of Christmas that every kid deserves and from all of us, a big thank you to all of the guys who are part of the Traeger Wing Night!