Bryan’s Top 5 Rock Concerts

We all have a concert (or 5) that we'll never forget!

Every rock fan has a handful of concert experiences that jump to the top of their mind when they think about the best shows they’ve seen. 

For some, it’s about the set list. Others look for the most authentic sound. And then of course there are those who are all about the overall experience. 

Here are the 5 concerts that I think about when asked about my best experiences. (A lot of them happen to be at the Molson Amphitheatre) …

5. Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation

When I saw Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation, they didn’t have any smoke show. Instead they had guys who would run out from the back to stick handfuls of insects into the speakers. THAT was the smoke and I will always remember it. 

4. Iron Maiden 

Iron Maiden knows how to put on a show and a lot of that is thanks to Eddie. He comes out and jumps around the stage and he runs around. Sometimes he’s on even stilts. It’s truly a memorable experience. 

3. Foo Fighters 

I remember being in the pit for the Foo Fighters, right when “Best Of You” came out. In the pit they had lasers that went across the entire space. Because everyone was smoking pot, you could see the lasers perfectly. I’ll never forget seeing the Foo Fighters live.

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2. Blink 182 

This was one of the many shows I went to at the Molson Amphitheatre. We were sitting on the lawn and as soon as we got there it started pouring rain. 

No thunder. No lightning. Just rain. So the show continued. 

There was no way to avoid getting soaked. But it just made the concert that much better. 

1. Greta Van Fleet 

I just saw Greta Van Fleet and it was a great show. 

Second song in, they had massive cannons behind them that went off and they had all kinds of fire as well. And that was song 2 .. 

You know the rest of the show was nuts if on song 2 all the pyro has already come out! 

These are just some of the many amazing concerts I’ve seen. Let’s see if any future shows can top them!