Craig’s Top 5 Music Videos Of All Time 

Music Videos kind of raised me ...

Music videos were a staple experience of any rock fan and still are today. As an 80s kid, music videos kind of raised me. Especially with MTV and MuchMusic bringing 24-hour music video television to North America. 

For me, there are 5 music videos that top the list of my all time favourites …

5. The Sheepdogs – “Feeling Good” 

My number 5 is fairly new – The Sheepdogs’ “Feeling Good”. They used action figures in the music video to tell this kind of hostage story. Definitely one you need to check out.

4. Wheezer “Buddy Holly”

For number 4, I’m going to go with Wheezer’s “Buddy Holly”. I watched Happy Days and I’ve probably seen every episode. So when you see The Fonz in a video you gotta go with that. 

3. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Don’t Come Around Here No More” 

I’m going with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Don’t Come Around Here No More” for number 3. It has an Alice In Wonderland theme. It’s a dark song and kind of captivated me as a kid. It’s a dark video too. 

2. Peter Gabriel – Any Video 

For number 2 … Peter Gabriel. And I’m going to say any Peter Gabriel videos. “Sledgehammers” is the obvious one. But there’s a lot of Peter Gabriel’s work worth checking out like “Steam”, “Big Time”. He does all sorts of great music videos. If you haven’t already, check out any one of his works. 

1. Genesis – “Land Of Confusion” 

The number 1 video for me is Genesis – “Land Of Confusion”. Not just because of how important the song is lyrically but because it’s also a great video. 

Do you remember Spitting Image Puppets from the 1980s out of the UK? All sorts of celebrities that are kind of parodied in puppet form. Great comedy in that. Always a timely take on our world. 

“Land Of Confusion” features puppets by the show creators. Phil Collins got them to create puppets of the entire band after he saw a caricatured version of himself on the show. how important that song is lyrically.  

These are all great music videos. If you haven’t seen them, be sure to check them out.  

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