This Saturday, Led Zeppelin Will Stream A Special Show From 2007

Saturday Night Sorted

Plenty of musicians have been doing songs and performing from home. And it’s been good. Real good. Rarely has it been great in my mind. The streams will always be missing something — a crowd. That energy that goes a long with it. So I applaud everyone who has taken the time to record themselves at home and do their part to share their skill with the world — but a change is going to be nice. I noticed last weekend that the popular musical festival Lollapalooza was looking into their archives and releasing some live concerts from previous years, Metallica has done their fair share of releasing unseen footage, and now the big digs, Led Zeppelin are coming up to the plate. This Saturday on Led Zeppelin’s youtube page, at 3pm, you will be able to watch the band perform from a show they did in London at the 02, arena back in 2007. A once off reunion show. Forecast looks like music for the weekend.