The CNE Just Introduced The Secret Menu

As if there weren't already enough insane choices

The CNE is one of the biggest events in the GTA known for it’s rides, games and insane foods.

This year has brought new additions like ketchup and mustard flavoured ice cream, a two-foot long taco and Mac and Cheese lemonade.

But that’s not all…the CNE has just leaked its secret menu, which sounds absolutely delicious if we’re being honest.

There are nine items on the menu that won’t appear on the menu, so be prepared to ask for them.

Skoreo Cheesecake Chimney Cone

you’ll have to visit Eva’s Original Chimneys to get this treat. a freshly-baked chimney cone filled with vanilla soft serve and rolled in Oreo cookie crumble, layered with salted caramel, cheesecake, skor pieces, and even more Oreo.

Peach Mango “Spice Cream” CRUNCH

Caf-Eh T.O. offers the peach mango treat, which includes a sliced mango puree with chilli peppers.

Churro Wrapped Deep Fried Pickle

This one looks amazing. CORNehCOPIA is offering a a pickle wrapped in a churro and deep fried. Simple.

Root Beer Whiskey BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich

This deep fried chicken breast is tossed in root beer and whiskey sauce and topped with coleslaw from Fried Chicken Sandwiches


6spicerack combines Indian and Chinese flavours in this dish. It’s tossed in a homemade Hakka sauce with garlic aioli and green onion.

TOT’so NYC Chopped Cheesy

There’s a whole lot going on in this tater tot poutine from Get Your Own Taters Food Truck. The tots are topped with melted cheese, ground beef, grilled onions, lettuce, diced tomatoes and pickled chilis.

Mango Dragon Fruit Twist

Yogen Früz is offering mango and drago fruit sorbet topped with watermelon and strawberries.

Brownie Cheesecake & Cinnamon Bun Beavertails

You’ve gotta get the classic Canadian dessert whenever you go to any festival in Canada and now they’re offering two unique flavours. One is a cheesecake base topped with brownie, white chocolate bits and chocolate drizzle and the other is cinnamon sugar and vanilla icing.

The Cinnabon Swirler

Dolce Inc. is making us drool with their frozen custard Sundae featuring Cheesecake Factory Cinnabon Cheesecake, hot caramel and Nutella chocolate drizzle topped with fresh whipped cream.