Have You Ever Seen A Tape Deck That Flips Around Automatically?

Is this old? Is it new?

Not sure if this invention has been around for a while, by the looks of the machine it looks like it, but also how rare was it? Most comments are from people amazed they never came across this…when they needed it. Of course, it isn’t going to blow anyone’s mind who is under 25 but for the rest of us, you still kind of want it…

You could have a song play relatively seamlessly from side A to side B with the auto flip, and never have to worry about it.

Taking a closer look at the machine, it does look dated, but it would be funny if someone decided to invite the auto flip for a tape deck now, for a problem that no longer exists.

This tape deck with auto flip.
by u/OkBuildingz in Satisfyingasfuck