Suspected Drunk Woman Launches Vehicle

Launches Car over Roundabout and into the air

Last week, surveillance cameras captured a spectacular Dukes of Hazzard  style street stunt that wasn’t intentional and may not even be remembered by the woman who pulled it off.  Amazingly no one was hurt when the unidentified woman driver who was going close to 160 kmh before driving right into a roundabout’s landscaped center, when the car hit a 300 pound boulder that sent it flying what seems to be at least ten feet into the air and then smashing into a Mazda 3 upon landing with the boulder also flying through the air and hitting a Camaro about 30 feet down the road.

Incredibly, the woman driver of the car was unharmed in the crash, but was taken in to police custody on suspicion of DUI where the investigation was on-going.  No doubt her flying license has been suspended as well.