Strip Club In Oregon Implements New Idea For Delivery


I don’t have to say it, you know it, business is tough right now —  for everyone. Many business are doing what they can to stay afloat. Everyone has ideas and strategies and we are all hoping that they work out. Businesses that come to mind are the place I get my water, the bakery I frequent, my favourite pizza place. A strip joint doesn’t rush into my mind right away, although it is a legit business just like the rest of them.

An Oregon strip club decided to continue to employ one cook and have the exotic dancers be the delivery drivers. Is it a little more money? Yes it is. But the delivery personnel also show up to your door topless. That’s the catch. And Exotic dancers usually make their money purely off tips so this really is a genius way to assure they can continue to have an income.

And let’s be honest — no one is paying for the food — you’re paying for the delivery. Strip clubs you wouldn’t imagine have the greatest food — and they don’t. And if someone tells you otherwise — they spend too much time at the rippers.

Ohhhhh they really do have good breakfast!!!  yeah steve? Hitting the peelers up for Breakfast? Not sure you know the most about fine dining ….

check the clip out below.

Best Part is they coined the term, BOOBER!

Uber + Boobs = BOOBER