Shark Week: Great White Breaks Through Cage

Is This Enough to get you to watch shark week?

Shark is hit or miss. This time around, it appears to be a direct hit. In the past, we have seen countless boring shows on ‘tagging’ sharks which is fine for about 20 minutes, but it gets pretty stale. This week we have seen the Jackass crew take on Shark Week which was worthy of a watch because they do some things only they would do, reckless, stupid, but still funny.

Now for something a little bit more serious. I have always wondered a few things about shark cages. For starters, it feels like the bars are always too far apart and sharks could breach the cage. Secondly, why not make the shark cage of hard plastic that is transparent? Just figured that was possible, and here we are in the year 2022 and it is possible. Why wasn’t it around earlier?

Watch this clip and you will find out.