Ride-sharing services coming to Orillia

Ratification is expected next month following more than a year of research and public consultation

Orillia is one step closer to permitting ride-sharing services. Council provided recommendations for the by-law that would allow companies like Uber to do business. This follows more than one year of extensive research and public consultation. Staff will finalize the vehicle-for-hire by-law and present it to Council for ratification at its meeting on August 16th.

Here are some highlights of the proposed by-law:

  • Equal licence fees for ride-sharing services and taxi companies, not individual licence fees for individual drivers.
  • Elimination of regulated fares for the taxi industry.
  • An audit-only enforcement approach for vehicle and driver records for ride-sharing services and taxicab companies. If companies fail to comply with regulations they can be charged or have their business licence revoked.
  • Surge pricing is allowed, as long as it is done in a transparent way.
  • A Vulnerable Sector Check is required when a driver first becomes registered with a taxicab and ride-sharing company.
  • Auxiliary service transportation companies, designated driver transportation services, stretcher transportation services and registered charities providing transportation services are not regulated under the by-law.