Ranking Top Songs by Iconic Rock Artists: The Playlist Showdown

How would you rank these songs?

Ever thought about ranking your all-time favorite rock songs?

Music has the incredible power to transport us through time, evoke emotions, and even define entire eras. It’s the universal language that connects people across the globe and within this vast musical landscape, certain artists have carved out their own legendary legacies.

But when it comes to their discographies, how do you determine which songs truly stand out as the best of the best?

Would you pick your top songs based on their emotional connection, killer riffs, or thought-provoking lyrics? Would you fill your list with #1 radio hits? Or would your top songs be those rare gems that only an avid listener can find?

That’s where our Playlist Showdown comes in …

This series gets you really thinking about the songs you love. We’ll ask our hosts to rank their favourite rock songs from iconic artists.

The catch?

They don’t get to choose the songs. We’ll give them a curated list of 3 songs that they’ll have to rank.

Sometimes the list is full of #1 hits, sometimes we tackle more obscure tracks, and other times it’s just a random draw.

No matter how the songs are selected, Craig, Cat, Bryan, McCully, and Rachel tell us what songs are their faves and share some fun facts along the way.

So, whether you’re a long-time rocker looking to rediscover your favorite tunes, a music lover seeking something new to listen to, or a die-hard fan seeing if we’re all on the same page, our Playlist Showdown series is your go-to resource.

Get ready to rock, reminisce, and discover new favorites with us – because great music never goes out of style.

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Ranking The Best Rock Songs

What would your top songs be is you were ranking songs for these rock artists?