Do People Get Called Rockstars At Your Workplace? Ozzy, Joan Jett, and Paul Stanley Have A Problem With That In New Superbowl Ad

If you work in an office, this one hits home

Superbowl ads are trickling out. Lots of celebrities making appearances in commercials, most will be forgotten by Monday morning, the rest likely by Tuesday morning. However, we aren’t there yet so we can still talk about them.

Certainly, a bias if you like a celebrity more than another, Ozzy, Joan Jett and Paul Stanley of KISS have their fans but with all that aside, this may be one of the better commercials for the big game.

Do you have employees praised at your work for just…doing their job? Even often called ‘Rockstars’ just for doing what they are paid to do…like answering the phone…or replacing the water in the water cooler?

Well, these real ROCKSTARS have something to say about that term being thrown around.