NHL Reporter Manages To Stiff Arm Unruly Fan And Continue To Do Her Job

She Is Certainly A Sports Fan With That Form

If you are not following the NHL Stanley Cup Final, the Vegas Golden Knights are up 2-0 over the Florida Panthers with Vegas taking the first two games at home. The Golden Knights have been in the finals before — just a few years ago, which surely helped grow the fan base, so much so that they have all spectrums of fans, from the die-hards to the idiots.

On Monday night during game 2, reporter Samantha Rivera from Miami, was doing some reporting in the arena when she had to get her dukes up and fight off a fan trying to ruin her broadcast.

She does an expert job without letting him even get on video — must be a bit of an athlete herself.

They have always said that of broadcasters too — in shape and great athletes, I can attest to that.