Maybe The Dumbest Question I Will Ask…Teaspoon and Tablespoon

I hope there is a logical explanation for this...

I’m trying new recipes on a daily basis at this point, and in the past I was used to just watching a youtube video and following along. Sometimes I add things into the recipe because I can, and I like to just eyeball recipes. Works for the pros, worked for me. For the most party. But this week I was sent some recipes to try from my mother who is adamant on the correct ingredients and the right amount. Which is fine. I can understand that — however this is where my question comes. Perhaps the dumbest question I’ve had and I am prepared to get ripped apart for this. But here we go…

Why do the two common measurements, Teaspoon and Tablespoon, both start with a t and are spelled so closely? It’s confused every time. Kilometer and Metre, we don’t screw up. One starts with a K and the other with an M. You don’t mix em up.

But Teaspoon and tablespoon? Have you ever seen a recipe that just uses short forms?

Teaspoon = tsp Tablespoon = tbsp

Why the hell couldn’t we have changed one of their names to start with literally any other letter?

There that’s my stupid question maybe there is a perfectly logical answer for this. I hope there isn’t.